Thrashersaurus Festival 2016 Norwich – Day 2

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Band(s): Thrashersaurus Festival 2016 Norwich - Day 2

Rating: 9/10

Date: 1/05/16

Venue: Brickmakers/ B2 - Norwich

" The sun was shining untypically for a British bank holiday weekend for another day of BBQ, beer and bands! "

The sun was shining untypically for a British bank holiday weekend as I left my B&B feeling very full from an excellent fried breakfast and ready for another day of beer, BBQ and bands… that was Thrashersaurus day 2!

Squeezing in a beer or two before the bands started (it was after noon before you ask!) I headed to the B2 stage to catch the first band of the day DETOXEN take the stage.

London’s DETOXEN was a late addition to the Thrashersaurus line-up but a welcome addition they were. Blowing away the hangover cobwebs from the day before, DETOXEN‘S crunchy thrash metal guitar riffs and shredding solos reminded me a lot of old school Metallica. The Metallica comparison continues as James Lockey’s hard, metallic vocals were reminiscent of a young James Hetfield.

The time called for another beer and I ventured to the main stage to check out Progressive Death/Thrash Metal Outlet CRYPTIC SHIFT!

CRYPTIC SHIFT‘s blend of tight rhythm work and impressive harmonies gave that early death metal nostalgic feel with an Opeth-est melody in parts. Xander Bradley’s vocals complemented the songs perfectly, adding that old school death metal grit. They got the crowd head banging and they are on tour with Vector in August so defiantly worth checking out!

Grabbing another beer, I headed to the B2 stage for local death/grind lads PAIN PENITENTIARY.

Smashing out a set of in your face brutality, PAIN PENITENTIARY left the crowd impressed and wanting more!

I took time out to interview Ipswich Black Metallers STAHLSARG which can be seen on The Metal Messiah TV YouTube channel.

Heading back in to the B2 Stage once again, Melodic Black metallers KHTONIA were setting the mood with their intense riffs and atmospheric licks as Frontman A K V Nova’s demonic shrieks riled up the crowd.

Continuing with the black metal theme, Ipswich Black Metallers STAHLSARG invaded the main stage with a determination to dominate!
In a haze of smoke and dramatic stage presence, STAHLSARG launched into a barrage of penetrating black metal. Frontman Eissturm’s rasped snarls reached out and drew in the audience, the look on the band’s faces indicated that they meant business. Songs such as “Razed to the Ground” show that STAHLSARG are not just a one trick pony, mixing elements of thrash and death metal into the mix. Finishing with fan favourite “Damocles XIII” STAHLSARG had set the bar to another level for the next bands to follow.

BLACKENED RITUAL came all the way from Scotland and tore it up like motherfuckers. Thrash with a touch of groove, check them out!

To the bar once again and then I spoke to the awesome Steve Smyth from the band ONE MACHINE which can also be seen on The Metal Messiah TV YouTube channel.

I headed to the B2 stage which would for the last time of the night to catch Brighton metallers KING LEVIATHAN bring their unique form of Melodic Death/Thrash metal to a very un-sober Norwich crowd.

KING LEVIATHAN‘s set was more like an unholy sermon, led by the hooded figure of frontman Adam Sedgwick. The music was the soundtrack to a dark ritual and the crowd was a new batch of followers. Dark, distinctive and impressive, KING LEVIATHAN are worth checking out!

Yet another beer stop and I headed to the main stage for London metallers ONE MACHINE!

ONE MACHINE is the brainchild of Steve Smyth (ex-Forbidden, ex-Nevermore) featuring former members of bands such as Biomechanical, Mercenary and Mnemic so the very intoxicated Thrashersaurus crowd knew they were in for a great show.

From the get go ONE MACHINE thrashed out a barrage of hard-hitting anthems that got the crowd banding their heads and shouting along to frontman Chris Hawkins. Even with a broken string half way through the set ONE MACHINE continued to prove why they are playing this year’s Bloodstock Festival!

The main stage was packed for the final band of the 2016 Thrashersaurus festival and it was time for REIGN OF FURY to close what had been an awesome weekend of metal!

Having released their new album “Death be thy shepherd” last year, REIGN OF FURY have been busy from opening up last year’s Bloodstock Festival to supporting Sepultura and English Dogs on tour and now they had come to rip Thrashersaurus a new one!

Thrashing hard and fast, REIGN OF FURY‘s mixture of neck-breaking riffs and powerful choruses got the passionate Thrashersaurus crowd going mental. A sea of long hair and metal horns filled the air as REIGN OF FURY ripped through songs such as “Psycho Intentions” and “Gates of Sanity” giving Thrashersaurus one of hell of a display of heavy fucking metal!

Thrashersaurus was over for another year but I can’t wait to see what amazing bands that will grace the Brickmakers and B2 stages next year. Whoever they maybe you can guarantee The Metal Messiah will be there with a beer in hand and banging my fucking head!