Thrashersaurus Festival 2016 Norwich – Day 1

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Band(s): Thrashersaurus Festival 2016 Norwich - Day 1

Rating: 9/10

Date: 30/04/16

Venue: Brickmakers/ B2 - Norwich

" I love it when three of my favourite things (Bands, beer and BBQ) all come to together over one weekend! "

I love it when three of my favourite things (Bands, beer and BBQ) all come to together over one weekend and all for the price of £21. Thrashersaurus started life back in 2012 as a charity metal all-dayer but has flourished into one the UK’s fastest growing mini festivals, featuring signed and unsigned bands from around the country plus an array of local talent.

I had the pleasure to kick things off with the band INVASIVE (who I provide vocals for) on the B2 stage with our mix of groove and thrash metal. Being the first band on will always be difficult to get the crowd motivated but from the opening song “Time to Die” we gave it all they had, I banged my head like a man possessed and bassist Dan Mailer showed off some impressive moves. By the end of our set, the crowd was pumped and ready for a weekend of heavy fucking metal!

Next up on the B2 stage was speed metal maniacs DESOLATOR from Southampton. I had seen these guys a few times including last year’s Thrashersaurus so I was looking forward to the full on metal attack that these guys always deliver. I was not disappointed as DESOLATOR launched into their set with raw and heavy guitars and drums that would make Mikey Dee proud, fitting as they ripped through a cover of the classic Overkill to finish their set.

It was time to refuel the beer tanks at the bar and head outside to talk to the man that is Si Cobb from Ipswich Thrash Metal legends ANIHILATED. That interview can be seen on our YouTube channel so check it out motherfuckers!

After another beer fueling I headed into the B2 stage once again and death metallers SEPREVATION was starting their set. These lads from Bristol reminded me of early Death and Possessed, brutal and heavy with the crowd head banging in approval. With their old school vibe and prominent lead work which seems to be a dying art in death metal these days, SEPREVATION are worth checking out.

Another bar stop and then to the main stage for thrash metallers DIVINE CHAOS!

DIVINE CHAOS have been busy touring with bands such as Sodom, Vader, Venom Inc. and Gama Bomb since the release of their last album “A New Dawn in the Age of War” and the main stage was full of eager, awaiting metal heads. Tearing through songs such as “Fields of the fallen” DIVINE CHAOS‘S mixture of break neck riffing and guitar harmonies got the crowd going wild. These guys are set to play the Sophie Stage at this year’s Bloodstock and this is one band I am not going to miss!

Yep, you’ve guessed it… time for another beer. As the night wore on the beers seemed to be going down easier and easier.

I took a break from the bands to have a chat with the guys from RE-ANIMATOR. That interview can also be seen on the Metal Messiah TV YouTube channel.

I finished up in time to catch Norwich thrashers KILLER HURTS on the B2 stage smashing through a set of Slay-est riffage and Errol Watson’s snarling vocals screamed out with full force across the mass of metal heads.

I headed to the main stage for a bit of 80’s old school thrash metal with RE-ANIMATOR.

RE-ANIMATOR started life in 1988 and toured with bands such Dark Angel, Exodus and Nuclear Assault across Europe but they unfortunately called it a day in 1993. Now their back and RE-ANIMATOR looked to thrash it up at Thrashersaurus.

The main room filled with headbangers, new and old, as songs such as “Fatal Descent” and “Room 101” rocked out the Thrashersaurus crowd.

It was time to head to the B2 stage for the final time that night as ANIHILATED was about to bring a full thrash metal assault!

ANIHILATED have been thrashing like metal maniacs since the 80’s and from the success of their 2014 album “Anti-social Engineering” Anihilated have been breaking necks all over the UK and Europe. With Pete Dee of Acid Reign filling in on guitar, Anihilated played a roaring set of crushing riffs and ripping solos that got the crowd headbanging and going wild. Anihilated showed that thrash only gets better with age!

Now for the final band of Thrashersaurus day 1……this is Acid Reign!

Acid Reign reformed last year to the excitement of the thrash metal community and toured the UK with bands such as Xentrix and Shrapnel. The main room of The Brickmakers was rammed as Acid Reign took the stage, the Thrashersaurus crowd’s eager wait was over.

The energy on the stage was electrifying as Acid Reign front man Howard “H” Smith jumped around like a man on a mission to entertain and the crowd was loving it. As the band thrashed on, the crowd was a sea of metal horns and banging heads.

As the night worn on Acid Reign ripped through songs such as “Goddess”, “All I See” and even a cover of Blonde’s “Hanging on the Telephone”. There were some funny moments like “H” singing from on top of the bar and getting a piggy back ride through the crowd to shoving a man’s hat down his pants……. I hope the guys has washed it by now.

Finishing with the awesome “Motherly Love” from the album Moshkinstein, Acid Reign left the first day of Thrashersaurus in a thunder of very happy heavy metal fans and the bands on day two had a lot of work cut out for themselves!