Bloodstock Festival 2016 – Saturday Review

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Band(s): Bloodstock Festival 2016

Rating: 8/10

Date: 13/08/16

Venue: Catton Hall

" Bloodstock Festival 2016 - Saturday "

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A new day dawned and it was time again to shake off the post-party headache and check out more heavy fucking metal on Bloodstock day 2!

I headed to the RJD stage for Cambion. these Technical/progressive metallers have been shredding their way across the UK and Europe since forming in 2009 and they had the challenging task of opening up the main stage. Cambion certainly woke up the early morning crowd and I look forward to hearing their debut album once released.

It was time to start back on the cider and check out what the market had to offer. If you look hard enough there is always a gem or two that be found.

After sampling another tasty cider, it was back to the RJD stage for Vallenfyre.

It was way too sunny for Vallenfyre’s blend of Death/Doom metal but they still put in a strong effort, smashing through songs such as “Cathedrals of Dread”, “Bereft” and “Instinct Slaughter” even enticing the evil forces of the dark side as Darth Vader himself floated over the crowd. Their heaviness and Gregor Mackintosh’s humor was a good early afternoon mix to set the crowd up for the rest of the day.


Next up I checked out Greek black metallers Rotting Christ!

 This was the first time I had heard Rotting Christ and they got the crowd moving and moshing the fuck out. Their performance was tight and I will defiantly be grabbing some their albums when I get a chance.

I headed to the Sophie stage for the first time that day to check out a band I had seen before supporting Winterfylleth at the Colchester Art Centre and who I was very impressed with. This is The King Is Blind!

The King Is Blind stormed the stage like a force to be reckoned with as they smashed through a set of crushing death metal rhythms and pounding drums. Front man Stephen John Tovey prowled the stage, commanding the crowd to head bang and get a fucking mosh pit going.

 The King Is Blind are worth checking out if you love your metal loud and heavy and they will be on tour with Akercocke in September/October.

Staying with the Sophie stage, One Machine (brain-child of ex Forbidden/Testament guitarist Steve Smyth) rocked out hard and their high energy on stage got the passionate crowd banging their fucking heads.

I departed for another cider or two then headed to the Main Stage for Gojira.

The last time I saw Gojira was when they supported Motorhead in Ipswich many years ago and I wasn’t too impressed. I had heard a lot of good things regarding their new album Magma so I decided to give the French Technical death metallers another go.

From the beginning of their set to the end I was actually surprised how good they sounded. Gojira’s set was tight and the sound crushed through the air like an unstoppable force. I shall be adding Gojira’s new album on the list to check out.

Another cider and then it was time for the Saturday Main Stage Headliners Mastodon.

I’ve always been a fan of Mastodon’s earlier material but I found their later albums a bit on the hit or miss side. Saying that I was still eager to hear them live.

Dazzling the crowd with an impressive light show, Mastodon showed that the faith of them headlining the Main Stage was not misplaced as they belted out some awesome sounding riffs. Even though the sound was not their side, Mastodon still gave it all they had, ripping through songs such as “Iron Tusk”, “Black Tongue” and “Blood and Thunder”

Fortunately, that was not the end to the Saturday’s Heavy Metal. I ran over the Sophie Stage to catch UK Thrash Legends Acid Reign!

 I managed to speak to Acid Reign at this year’s Thrashersaurus Festival back in April and I was impressed with their set then and I couldn’t wait to see them deliver on a bigger stage.

Busting onto the stage like a demented ring master, Acid Reign Frontman Howard ‘H’ Smith immediately took command of the crowd…. stirring them into a frenzy. Mental mosh pits and an uncountable amount of crowd surfing was the name of the game as Acid Reign thrashed though songs such as “Humanoia”, “Blind Aggression” and the awesome song from 2015 “Plan of the Damned”.

Finishing on the classic “Motherly Love”, Acid Reign showed you don’t need to be on the main stage to be a headliner!

The Metal Messiah TV’s PICKS OF THE DAY: The King Is Blind, Vallenfyre, One Machine, Acid Reign