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Band(s): Bloodstock Festival 2016

Rating: 8/10

Date: 12/08/16

Venue: Catton Hall

" Bloodstock Festival 2016 - Friday "

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Well that’s another year done at Bloodstock and now we’ve had time to let the dust settle and let the smoke clear (I.E recover from our hangovers and bangovers) it’s time to reflect back on how awesome Bloodstock 2016 was.

As always on the Friday morning of any Bloodstock we awoke with a sore head, dry mouth and a zombie-like craving for something big and greasy…. Thursday night was party night. After rocking out to Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band and witnessing Simon Hall’s (Beholder) audition to the 2020 Olympic games with his gravity defying forward roll, I commenced with the Thursday Bloodstock festivities in true Metal Messiah fashion…. Cider, a shit-ton of Jager and headbanging to heavy metal!

Fast forward back to the Friday morning and after the adventure of the Bacon sandwich, it was off to the arena to begin what I came to Bloodstock to do…. watch some heavy fucking metal!

For our first band of the day, I headed to the New Blood Stage to check out the winners of the East Midlands leg of the Metal 2 The Masses Witch Tripper. Ripping through a set of heavy stoner rock riffs in the vein of Orange Goblin and Clutch, Witch Tripper defiantly knew how to rock the fuck out and blew away the cobwebs from the night before which set me up nicely for the rest of the festival.

Next, I headed over to the RJD Stage to catch the end of Welsh trio Hark’s set.

Hark had gathered a fairly big crowd for this time in the morning and their heavy riff-based sludge was getting people in the groove but a bit more variety in their set wouldn’t have gone a miss.

I stayed at RJD Stage for those “Outerspace” power metallers Gloryhammer.

Gloryhammer brought the full on cheese to Bloodstock. I’m not talking plain old edam motherfuckers, oh no, I’m talking about that Limburger shit. Playing out more like a story of space Wizards, intergalactic battles and Alien worlds rather than your more traditional set, Gloryhammer still put on a great show…even if stopping for a drinking contest in the middle of the set did drag things on a bit.

From one cheesy band to another, Evil Scarecrow has become Bloodstock’s self-proclaimed “house band” with this year being their fourth time playing Bloodstock, previously opening the main stage in 2014 and appearances on the Sophie and new blood stages.

Evil Scarecrow do not set out to be technical masters. They are here to have fun and isn’t that what metal should be about…having fun? Getting the crowd moving (including dance moves) to songs such as “Robototron”, “Crabulon” and new tune “Hurricanado”, Evil Scarecrow can at least put on an impressive stage show even if their brand of humour is not to everyone’s taste.

Taking a short break to grab a cider or two, I headed back to the RJD Stage to catch Stuck Mojo.

 I had never seen or heard Stuck Mojo and I wasn’t really a fan of the rapping but they did have some crunchy riffs and a groove that kept me interested until the end of their set.

It was the next band who I was very interested in seeing. I had seen Pepper Keenan plenty of times as a guitarist of Down but never as a member of Corrosion of Conformity. Now back with Corrosion of Conformity, Pepper Keenan proudly led the charge like he never left.

Even when having to borrow all their instruments due to losing them in Paris, Corrosion of Conformity can still put on an awesome set. Powering through song such as “Vote With A Bullet” and “Broken Man”, Corrosion of Conformity proved that this is a band made for the festival stage and leaving Bloodstock with many satisfied customers.

The next band I had thought I would never see but in true Bloodstock fashion…never say never.

For a band who practical started a heavy metal sub-genre it was fitting that their first show back would be at Bloodstock. Venom has influenced so many bands over years with even Metallica citing them as an inspiration in many of their early interviews.

Could of the 10-year absence had an effect? Well these reservations were blown away as the band, led by Frontman Cronos took to the stage. The band smashed through a set of new and old material such as classics Welcome To Hell and Countess Bathory before closing out on Black Metal. There is no doubt that Venom’s legacy is still intact and I look forward to see what they do next.

Next up, it was Behemoth to take the stage!

All dressed in black, Behemoth’s set began like a cult instigating a dark mass. Tearing into songs “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” and “Furor Divinus” Behemoth worked the crowd into a frenzy. The air is filled with fists punching the sky as smoke bellows from Behemoth’s very impressive stage show.

With fire lighting up the stage, Behemoth continued their black metal assault finishing with the track “Chant for Ezkaton” to a roar of a captivated Bloodstock crowd.

As the sun set on Bloodstock it was time for the band that many had been waiting for all day. It was time for Twisted Fucking Sister!

The last time I saw Twisted Sister was Bloodstock 2010 but this year was special. This was the last ever time that Twisted Sister would play the UK and knowing this made me feel honoured to be there.

With a career spanning over the last forty years, Twisted Sister ripped through anthems such as “The Kids Are Back”, “I Am (I’m Me)”, “I Wanna Rock” and of course the sing a long classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as well as playing a few lesser known songs that got the mass of screaming metal heads jumping and fist pumping to Dee Snider’s every word.

It was a very emotional night…. the song “The Price” being dedicated to their fallen drummer A.J. Pero along with Ronnie James Dio, Jimmy Bain and Lemmy. The feelings were still running high as Twisted Sister returned on stage for their encore, finishing with “S.M.F” and even though they will be missed after that performance their legacy will live on forever!

The Metal Messiah TV’s PICKS OF THE DAY: Gloryhammer, Corrosion of Conformity, Twisted Sister