Mortillery – Shapeshifter

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Mortillery – Shapeshifter album cover

Band: Mortillery

Album: Shapeshifter

Label: Napalm Records

Rating: 9/10

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" Shapeshifter will tear your face off and pour salt into the wounds. "

America may get the credit for creating Thrash Metal but their neighbors north of the border are definitely no slackers when it comes to the “banding your fucking heads” department. With bands such as Annihilator, Voivod and Razor to sink your teeth into, Canada can definitely thrash with the best of them.

Mortillery are no different. Formed in the Edmonton in late of 2008, Mortillery have been ripping it up with bands such as 3 Inches Of Blood, Death Angel and Skelotonwitch among others over the last few years and have now released their third full length album “Shapeshifter” via Napalm Records.

“Shapeshifter” begins with the track “Radiation Sickness” and from here you can tell your neck is going to be sore in the morning. There is certainly an influence of hardcore/punk in the aggression that this album kicks out while also giving us that old school heavy metal feel. The guitars are riffing like a speeding bullet, you can’t help but reach for your air guitar and start wind milling like a crazy maniac.

Vocalist Cara McCutchen switches from a hostile, full-on vocal attack to a more melodic style which gives this album diversity without compromising on ripping you a fucking new one.

A Judas Priest influence rears its titanium head as the lead axe assault by guitarists Alex Gutierrez and Kent Quinlan shredding through the speakers at the speed of light and gets the heavy metal juices flowing.

There is no let up on this album as all of the nine tracks are fast, heavy and full of neck breaking attitude that will have you mosh pitting in your bedroom and waking up the fucking neighbors. If you are looking for something with a little less bite then I suggest you keep on walking as “Shapeshifter” will tear your face off and pour salt into the wounds.

My favourite track on the album is of course the title track “Shapeshifter”. It is the longest track on the album, clocking in at 5 minutes and 45 seconds but by no means is it the slowest.

Tearing through the song with a vengeance, the guitars keep the adrenaline pumping and Cara McCutchen even gives us a little “Whoa” action, shades of the great Iron Maiden.

After a quiet moment in the middle, the song is back into high gear and leaves the thrash metal hunger more than satisfied.
What more can I say, this album is a must for any thrash metal head but I do warn you……you better reinforce your neck otherwise expect it to be destroyed!

Recommeneded track: “Shapeshifter”.

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