Artillery – Penalty by Perception

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Artillery – Penalty by Perception album cover

Band: Artillery

Album: Penalty by Perception

Label: Metal Blade Records

Rating: 7/10

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" Buy this if you want bang your head whilst knocking back a couple of cold ones with your friends! "

What do you get when you mix groovy old school thrash metal riffs with clean melodic vocals and catchy, lead melodies that’ll keep your head’s banging till the end? You get Artillery motherfuckers and their new album “Penalty by Perception”!
Formed in Denmark in 1982, Artillery developed highly energetic, riff centred and often fast-paced style that gained the attention of record labels and fans alike leading to the release of three albums between 1985 to the time they disbanded in 1990. Artillery have reformed and disbanded a few times since and from 2007 they have stayed together. They are now back with their new album “Penalty by Perception” out now on Metal Blade Records.

There is nothing that is too out of the box from what Artillery offers on this album but what you get is an album that will keep you engaged and each track does Artillery proud with its quality.

There seems to be a trend in today’s music that a few tracks on an album sound fantastic but the rest lets the album down, leaving the listener feeling if it was all worth the time and effort in the end.

Fortunately, Artillery’s “Penalty by Perception” is an exception to this trend with each song being as good as the last. With tight rhythm work from guitarists Michael and Morten Stützer “Penalty by Perception” drives forward, taking the listener on a heavy metal journey.

Even during the more melodic track “When the magic is gone” Artillery show they can mix it up and still bring their A game. With the awesome singing style of vocalist Michael Bastholm Dahl and melodic lead shredding, Artillery can bring the metal fast or slow.

Would I say Artillery’s “Penalty by Perception” was an album that you just need to buy and play over and over again until your ears bleed from so much awesomeness? No… but is this an album that you should buy if you want bang your head whilst knocking back a couple of cold ones with your friends and listen to a solid metal album? Then motherfuckers this is the album for you!

Recommended track: “In Defiance of Conformity”