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That’s right maniacs….after taking a week off The Metal Messiah is back with another BAND OF THE WEEK and this week we take a look at grim blackened death metallers Sathamel!

Formed in 2013, Sathamel have been tearing down stages with international acts such as HOUR OF PENANCE, TRIBULATION and URFAUST – as well as a vast array of Extreme Metal Bands hailing from the UK such as HECATE ENTHRONED, OLD CORPSE ROAD, DESECRATION and ETHEREAL.

Sathamel’s form of blackened death metal is filled with a ominous atmosphere with Burzum-esque riffing and menacing Bolt Thrower style grooves….all covered in blood and black!

Sathamel are:

Kruk – Vocals
Baal – Guitars
KVN – Guitars
Deimos – Bass
Valdr – Drums
Check them out at: