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The Devils Music - Dan J Finch

“The Devils Music”  is the new project from Daniel J Finch (ex-Devilment). The Metal Messiah spoke to Danny about how this came about and what the future holds for “The Devils Music” :

TMM: You parted ways with Devilment towards the end of 2014. What have you been up to since and how did “The Devils Music” come about?

Danny: I pretty went straight into writing; I wrote a couple of albums worth of stuff. I wanted to just write and see what I’d come up with. Some of that material will be coming out soon.

“The Devils Music” record was the songs and ideas I had written for the 2nd Devilment album. I started writing right after we get done recording the “The Great And Secret Show “ . I was having some problems with my hands so I’d head down to the rehearsal room an hour or so before everyone else would turn up, just to warm up and go over any parts I needed to get tight on. But then I stared coming up with riffs and ideas. I had my iPad so I’d film the riffs. Before long I had a bunch of stuff.

I’d pretty much forgot all about it until the end of last year when I found a few of these riffs and I started digging around on my Mac to see what else I had. I had like ideas for 27 songs. I thought fuck it, this stuff needs to come out. So I started to record it. I had the same problem I had with Devilment, who was going to sing on it. Did I want a death vocalist, a screamer, a rock singer, power metal guy or what…or was I going to do vocals? Then the idea came about having a couple of friends do guest vocals. Then I posted on my Facebook page seeing who’d be interested in doing vocals, and I just said fuck it, I’ll have a different singer on every track. I think I could have done a double album with all the songs and vocalists I had. It was a good experience and something I’m happy to have done.

TMM: What influenced you during the writing process of “The Devils Music” album?

Danny: Nothing really, I like accidents. I think 90% of what I write is shit. But I have these happy accidents that happened. I write so much stuff and I throw so much away. I have albums worth of stuff that just sits on my Mac. If I go in and try to write a certain style it doesn’t work. If I think about it and how it sounds it doesn’t work. It feels like someone else is writing it, like a ghost writer almost ha-ha. I just have to let it flow from within. That sounds really pretentious, but it’s how it is. It’s like an out of body experience writing for me. The only time I really think about it, is when it comes to arranging or recording the stuff.

I have stuff that I’d like to say influences me, or at least bands and musicians that I’d like to sound like or write like. But I don’t. I think over the years I’ve kind of got my style and sound, you can tell for example on the Devilment album which songs or riffs are mine compared to Colin Parks (Devilment guitarist) we write very differently.

TMM: How was the recording process of “The Devils Music” with a multiple of vocalists?

Danny: I work at a really fast rate when I record. I will sit with a record solidly for weeks doing guitars etc. Vocals took a while, just because of the amount people involved and lining up schedules etc. Most of them used their own studios, but some I had to go over and produce with Jordan Fennell at his studio Scorpio studios. It was hard work, but exciting when someone sent their vocals over. I had no idea what they were gonna be like. And everyone stepped up and delivered.

TMM: Is there any plans to take “The Devils Music” on the road?

Danny: Not for this album no, but for the next album yes. There will be some shows. I’m a busy guy. I have loads of shows I do with my other The Bloodshake Chorus. But I’m more of a studio guy. I like to be in the studio writing and recording.

TMM: Is there plans for a 2nd album and will this be with multiple vocalists again or with an actual full line-up?

Danny: Yep there is. There’s already 7 songs done and this time I’m only having two vocalists who will sing on every track. There’s like a screamer death metal guy and normal kind of rock singer guy. I have a good band too. Some names people will know and I have a history with some of the guys in the band. We’re like an eight-piece band so it should be cool. I’m pretty happy with how things are sounding. We’re making an announcement just after “The Devils Music” record comes out. We’re planning to start recording the album in October. So hopefully it will come out in April next year. I’ve been asked a bunch of times to play the Devilment album in full and it’s something we’ve talked about doing with this band. But I might mix it up a bit and look at some of the older Devilment songs, but who knows….it’s the flow of the whole thing. There’s a lot of ideas kicking around.

TMM: Lastly where can people buy a copy of “The Devils Music“?

Danny: It will be on iTunes and Band camp etc. But the best place is go to our Facebook page www.facebook/thedevilsmusicuk for a link to buy the record.

“The Devil Music” is released on Friday 3rd of September via Coffee Jingle Records

Check out the “The Devils Music” at the links below:

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